The museum of Merkine` region is council'`s budget institution, which stores, protects, explores and populars region`al material an religious culture`s values and art objects, it carries museum activities and participates in national museum's programs.

 Merkinė is the heart of Dzukija filled with many legends. At the center of the town yuo'`ll see not only modern exhibition, but as well you will have a chance to hear stories about Merkine's castle and town times, about death of Lithuanian`s Grand duke V. Vaza  in Merkine in 1648, about attack at the Merkine in 1945 by Lithuanian partisans, and other stories of this region. 

For people who want better to know Merkine we suggest a guide service in lithuanian, english, french, russian languges. During walk we will visit the most important historic objects, the oldest church of Dainava, we will climb a hillfort which was sung by famous writer V. Kreve, we`ll look at the house which is called palace of Lord`s, Jew`s synagogues place, we`ll honour the victims of holocaust, and in the one of the biggest Lithuanian`s memorial – Merkine`s hill of crosses – we`ll bow for the people who died for Lithuanian` freedom.