Working hours 

1st of September - 30 th of April: Tuesday-Saturday 9-18 hours 

Closed in Lunch time: 13.00-13.45  

1st of May - 31st of August: Tuesday-Saturday 9-18 hours

Closed in Lunch time: 13.00-13.45


Adults - € 2;

Pupils and students, disadvantaged persons, seniors under the age of 80, and compulsory military service - 1 €

For free

For children who are younger than 7 years old; for Children who lives in Children`s home; for elderly people who are 80 and older; for people who are able to work only for 0-25% and who have disabilities ( until 1st of July 2005), for people who come along with them (for one person - one attendant); for people who were the victims during the occupation in 1939-1990; for people who were involved in occupation, for soldiers, volunteers and for people who were involved in freedom fights; for the people who were defending independence of Lithuanian`s Republic, for the people who were the victims in 11-13th of January 1991; for the members of International Museum (ICOM) council; for the people who work in Lithuanian Museums.


The guide service tarrifs. 

(1 academic hour) - 20 €;

(2 academic hours) - 40€;

(3 academic hours) for a group  60 €;

guiding in foreign language + 20 Eur

* The price of the guide services is not included in museum’s tikcket.

Languages of guide services:  english / russian / french / polish

Merkinė Regional Museum

Phone number: (8 ~ 310) 39 136, 8 616 52 907
E-mail: [email protected]
Adress: Dariaus ir Girėno a. 1, Merkinė, LT–65336 Varėnos rajonas